History of Lettering

Making metal type – a photomontage from 1992

These pages come from the Printing Historical Society Bulletin (32), summer 1992. The photos are a fine record of a craft, I suspect, all but gone. [Credit for the photos goes to Elli Hadjiloizi and Nick Howells.) If you like this you’ll love this previous post.

Making 'real' type

Making 'real' type_0001

Making 'real' type_0002

Making 'real' type_0003

Making 'real' type_0004

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The letter D

Bernard’s essays in The London Mercury, see here, are fascinating, and will feature more in this blog I reckon over coming days and weeks.

As a starter take this illustration from his essay titled About Type-Design, itself reproduced from Frederic Goudy‘s The Alphabet. A key to the figures: 1 – Trajan;  2 – pen form; 3 & 4 – Gothic and Lombardic; 8 – Jenson; 9 & 12 – Kennerley (Goudy); 10 & 13 – Caslon; 11 & 14 – Bodoni.