A Financial Times ‘view’ on WikiLeaks

I used to work for the Financial TImes, known as the FT. It is still one of the world’s great newspapers.

The advertising jingle goes ‘No FT – no comment’.

I say that not because I used to work there and have a vested interest. I would hope you know me well enough by now to know that I stand at a distance from ‘organisations’. Yet the FT is still independent, is not part of the News Corporation ¬†or any other media ‘Empire’, and ploughs its own course irrespective of how the wind blows.

So I recommend this blog by one of its columnists, and go to the end where there is a nice take on one of the Prince’s.

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The US empire tries to censor and it will fail

It is by now quite clear that the US is behind efforts to smother WikiLeaks, see this link

but why? Democracy is based on the idea that all people should have access to information, All that is happening is that an internet site is distributing that information gratis. So what? If democracies have so much to hide then they are not democracies.

I can see little difference to what is happening now to what happened when Beijing smothered an outbreak of democracy with its tanks.

The US does not rule the world. Neither does WikiLeaks. We do. People. Individuals.

Those who placed their trust in President Obama must be mighty disappointed.