UPDATE (5 October 2015)

This workshop was held on 1 October. detail in hebl working in stoneThe following is a testimonial from one of the day’s participants: ‘Yesterday was such a treat, inspiring and regenerative . . . great learning, great venue, great company, great tuition, great encouragement . . . and a beautiful piece now under a gum tree out the front waiting patiently to be continued on one day. John experience and expertise offered me so many understandings as to my apprehension to take the risk and find what is there to be found . . . next time I will be ready to have a go and discover!’

Another is being planned in the near future.



Reveal yourself as a creative individual.

October 1, 9.30am to 4 pm
Run by John Pitt, artist/sculptor and accredited social worker.

A one-day introductory workshop to be held in North Dorrigo on Thursday, 1 October will allow you to reveal yourself as a creative individual. Find out how being in the moment, making and creating, enables relaxation and brings about a satisfied sense of fulfillment.

The workshop is facilitated by John Pitt, an artist/sculptor as well as an accredited social worker. John has had a career as a journalist on national newspapers both here and in the UK, run a letterpress printing workshop and worked as a stonemason. John brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to share with you.

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